Case study: Kroftman gets great results with our Managed Live Chat

That outsourcing live chat reaps rewards is something we already knew at LiveChat Pro, but a recent study into one of our customers has restated the fact. Kroftman Structures approached us with a request to increase the number of leads generated by its website’s visitors, without this costing too much time and money. We wrote a case study so that you can see exactly how this was achieved.

Increase the number of leads

Kroftman Structures is an international supplier of (mobile) storage spaces and provides sheds, silos and storage tents for a variety of purposes. The company wanted to increase the number of leads generated by its website. Live chat was quickly considered a great way to achieve this.


However, there was one problem: Kroftman didn’t have the necessary personnel to staff a live chat channel, making outsourcing the most obvious solution. Despite the fact that the company had some doubts originally due to the complexity of its products, they asked us for our help.


Together with Kroftman, we agreed on a maximum number of leads per month for the duration of the pilot. We exceeded this number quite quickly in the first month. We also saw a monthly rise in the number of leads being generated for the company.

Knowledge transfer

Our multilingual personnel received proper, expansive training, concerning Kroftman as an organisation and its products, for this project. On top of that, we created a reference document that was always accessible to everybody, allowing our chat operators to adequately respond to as many questions as possible on their own.

Additional advantages

Kroftman not only considers the growing number of leads a success, the company has also observed that its own sales team spends less time on potential leads. The team has become more efficient, saving the company considerable time.

Would you like to receive more information about Kroftman’s success? Read the entire case study here. Would you also like to generate more leads with your company while saving time and money? Please contact us.