Digital Customer Care Company offers you the possibility of working with dedicated agents, whereby qualified and committed agents work exclusively for you and your order. Our motivated and enthusiastic employees are used to process new information in a short period of time and to quickly master new systems. In addition, they are continuously trained to be professional and service-oriented and to answer all first-line questions of your customers.

Dedicated teams

We put together the ideal team of agents for you to best meet your needs. The dedicated agents are trained exclusively to answer customer questions and to sell products on behalf of your organisation via the various digital channels. They are your company’s calling card; you can trust that the agents know what is going on in your organisation. They know your company, the industry and the knowledge base that answers customer questions. You can modify the knowledge base at any time of day, so that agents can provide your customers with the correct information and report any changes immediately. The expertise of the dedicated agents grows with every question they answer from your customers and you are assured of a professional customer service.

Effective and professional customer contact


Our dedicated agents provide a professional service and work for both large and small organizations. Think of SME companies, onine retailers and multi channel platforms. By deploying our dedicated agents, you can make your customer contact and relationship management cheaper, more effective and more professional.