How to make a live chat session engaging

live chat session

When a customer reaches out through live chat, one thing an agent must keep in mind is the need to make the conversation lively and humane. The customer should not think they are talking to a robot. The agent has a lot to do in this regard. Also, some customers may not be chatty, an agent must know how to get them to talk. The more information customers are able to provide, the more easily the chat agent will be able to serve them.

Mastering the art of conversation can require effort even though there are those who are talented at it. If you have chat agents who are not gifted at making conversations lively, the following guidelines can be practiced with these agents to improve their conversational skills. They should learn this both online and offline.

  1. Be a good listener. Knowing how to listen is a skill that many lack. Training your agents in listening skills will bolster their performance on live chat. They should be taught how to ask probing questions that will make the customer disclose more information.
  2. Know the product. Gaining good knowledge and interaction with products can help an agent offer key insight into the problems that customers have. When they have used the product, they can help customers describe the challenge they have better and ask these customers whether their description is correct.
  3. Don’t deviate from the customer’s issue. Sometimes, a chatty agent may find themselves engaging customers in conversations that are not directly related to their concerns. An agent must make conscious effort to stay on topic.
  4. Be relatable. In an effort to impress customers, do not be geeky, trying to display your superior knowledge about products. Communicate at the level of each customer.
  5. Use proper grammar. As much as possible, avoid the use of slangs and abbreviations. Ensure your agents construct correct grammar.

These simple rules can mean the difference between a sale and a negative experience. Make your agents read books that will enhance their conversational skills and watch the impact it will have on your business. Cheers!