Live chat for E-commerce

When a customer is in a store, the salesperson offers personalized help. Digital Customer Care Company helps you do the same online.

The line between in-store and online experiences continues to blur.

When a customer is in a store and appears to need help, a salesperson will approach the customer and provide personalized help, trying to sell at the highest possible value. The seller uses all the information he can get:

  • What product is the customer looking for?
  • Is the customer having trouble finding a product?
  • Is he trying to compare products?
  • Does the customer seem frustrated?
  • Is he walking towards the exit?
  • Is it a regular customer?

Based on this information, along with the expected value of the transaction, the seller will provide the appropriate type and level of assistance.

Digital Customer Care Company enables e-commerce managers and online shop owners to mimic the same process within the online sales process. In fact, by outsourcing live chat to sales and e-commerce chat specialists, our clients can do a much better and efficient job.

Digital Customer Care Company enables customers to significantly increase their e-commerce results. Customers usually achieve:

  • a 20% increase in online sales;
  • a 35% increase in average order value through cross-sells and upsells;
  • fewer cart abandonments;
  • increases in repeat sales.

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We work in these industries:

  • Retail;
  • Travel & Hospitality;
  • Software-as-a-service;
  • Comparison sites;
  • Insurance.