If you own or operate an online business, you know how important it is to interact with customers in order to get orders, provide assistance, and create customer satisfaction. In addition to providing traditional email and phone support, companies now have the option to outsource live chat (managed live chat) and offer this great communication channel on their websites.

Websites of large companies already use managed live chat, which proves how effective it is. Some of these companies include Nike, Accenture, Microsoft, Alfa Romeo, Johnson & Johnson, and FedEx.

Live chat offers a much faster way to communicate with customers online, with just the click of a button. The best thing about online chat is that involves real-time communication and it improves customer retention, as the customers don’t have to leave the site. Unlike a phone call, live chat operators can handle multiple chats, so customers don’t have to wait as long.

The only downside to online chat is that it can be tricky to implement properly. Some organizations don’t have enough time and staff to provide live chat due to limited training and resources.

In this case, Managed Live Chat can be an excellent option

Outsourcing live chat to a company like Digital Customer Care Company will give your organization a competitive edge because we will provide the resources to hire, train, and manage the live chat operators. It’s like having your own employees, but with more time and knowledge of the product, giving customers the satisfaction they need.

Once you’ve chosen a managed live chat company, it’s important to spend some time training the chat operators on your product and keeping them up to date with recent developments in your business.

For those who are still sceptical about the effectiveness of live chat deployment on their website, here are a few facts that will hopefully change your mind:

  • 61% of the conversion takes place during a live chat.
  • Chat customers are 4.1 times more likely to convert than non-chatters.
  • Research among our customers confirms that live chat interactions are very satisfying for visitors to the website; an average satisfaction score of 8.8.

Outsourcing live chat will absolutely help your business if done correctly. Give us a try. There’s no better way to serve customers than by being there when they need you.