Study: Zendesk Dutch market leader in live chat software

Market research by LiveChat Pro shows that the American company Zendesk, the creator of live chat software Zopim, has the largest market share in the Netherlands with 33%. In December of last year, we examined 150 Dutch websites that have a live chat function.

Zopim is originally a Singaporean product, but was acquired last year by Zendesk, a company that provides customer service software to companies worldwide.

The second largest software supplier is LiveZilla, with a market share of 9%. Of the Dutch suppliers, Livecom is the largest. The Dutch live chat suppliers Livecom, Casengo, Robin, and Cobrowser together have a market share of 15% in our country.

It’s easy to see why Zopim is the largest. It is a simple but solid product with a sleek appearance, and priced competitively.

The full research report can be requested from us.

Disclaimer: we are independent and have fully funded this market research. We do not use Zopim ourselves.

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