An important characteristic of comments, complaints, or questions posted online is that they can be shared quickly and easily. This means that they can get a much wider reach significantly faster than a message posted in the physical world. Therefore, responding quickly to questions, comments, and complaints that are posted online is very important. This means that you’ll have to organize your social media customer service properly.

Provided that social media customer service is well organized, it has many advantages for both you and your customers.

Advantages for your customers:

  • Asking a question or commenting online is a powerful way of raising awareness of the question or problem and getting it resolved;
  • Getting a response via a company’s Messenger, Twitter, or Facebook page is generally faster than via email;
  • It’s easier to submit a complaint or question on a channel of their choice, without having to look up a specific service channel on the company’s website.

Advantages for you:

  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to a better customer experience;
  • Maintained and/or improved reputation of your company and even damage prevention;
  • Reduced number of complaints by phone, at the counter, by post, or e-mail;
  • Additional opportunities to respond commercially to consumer needs (social lead generation);
  • Insight into problems and trends within your target group;