Improving customer experience through live chat

improving customer experience

Humans are gregarious creatures. Everywhere there is pleasure, we are more than likely to frequent those places. This holds true for the business world also. It’s all about the experience. When customers feel good after dealing with your e-commerce platform, they will return there. This means that it needs to be more than conversion increase for you. You need to ask yourself some basic questions. Are customers buying from you because your product makes economic sense? Will they stay with you even if someone offered them the same services for less? Do new customers come back after a purchase? These are valid questions that need answers. Live chat can help you offer positive answers to these questions if the following guidelines are followed.

  1. Communicate genuineness and originality. Your live chat agents must be able to send a message of honesty and truthfulness to the customers. This helps earn their trust. When they trust the agent, they will trust the company. Honest communication involves talking about the limitations of the services the agent can offer them. When necessary, chats should be transferred to a more qualified representative without shame. People can easily detect a lie and first impressions last longer than we can imagine. Screening of chat agents to see how they handle pressure can help.
  2. Offer real help. If the need of the customer cannot be met by the agent, offering help to the customer can evoke a response of gratitude in them. You could research information online during the chat session or offer to mail your research to them at a specified later time. By and large, be sure to communicate a helpful attitude to the customer especially when you cannot meet their needs directly.
  3. Give undivided attention. Customers want to feel special. Therefore, it is important for chat agents to not handle more than 6 chats at the same time. It will help them answer customers promptly and make them feel like they have the agent’s full attention.
  4. Be thankful. Agents must learn how to say thank you after every exchange. And they must be inventive in doing so. Otherwise, it would sound awkward and fake. What gratitude does is that it creates more things to be grateful for.