New customer insights

It is often not feasible for companies to invest the time and effort required to get to know the customer well because data analysis is much more than just collecting numbers. Two things are very important to be able to analyse data properly: the right tools and expertise.

Unfortunately, not every company has this. But Digital Customer Care Company does, so we can easily map out the information that enables you to really get to know your customers.

Because Digital Customer Care Company has the tools, expertise, and manpower, we relieve our customers of a lot of work and worries. We provide clear data reports and advice to give you a strong basis for immediate action.

With all the data we collect for you, we regularly provide you with new insights in the future. So that you can continuously improve your business.

We collect a lot of data, like:

  • demographic information (e.g. age, location);
  • frequently asked questions;
  • reasons for website visit;
  • customer complaints (volume, type);
  • how many (and which) pages the customer visits before putting an item in his shopping cart, and
  • on which page website visitors drop out in the purchase process.


Digital Customer Care Company has all the tools required to create good analyses and provide you with useful insights.


Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know exactly what to pay attention to and how to interpret data. This results in clear conclusions and concrete advice.

We compile an overview of important information and we look at trends in customer contact. This way you can immediately respond to recent developments and ensure that your customers remain committed to you.

With the advice that Digital Customer Care Company provides, you can get started right away. Your website and communication (channels) are better tailored to your target group, and you can make better offers to your customers. Our reports and advice also enable you to set better goals that will achieve more results.

Our insights are used for:

  • optimization of the website;
  • innovation of products and / or services;
  • improving communication;
  • adjusting the business focus;
  • adjusting the strategy.