Increase revenue

As you may have read on our other pages, we at Digital Customer Care Company focus on taking digital customer service off your hands. But we offer much more than just customer service. For example, we like to actively contribute to increasing sales for our customers. How we do that? With lead generation.

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of healthy business operations for many companies. However, in order to do it properly, you have to invest time. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the manpower to speak to each potential customer personally to determine whether there is a serious interest in the products or services. Outsourcing lead generation is an efficient solution.

Crowds of people form an arrow going upwards


We handle the first customer contact and can assess whether the visitor or user is a potential customer.


We screen potential customers by asking specific questions and assess who is really interested.


We collect contact details and desires for those seriously interested.


We forward these leads to your sales staff, who can then continue to work with them.

This way of working ensures that companies can work more efficiently. Our staff is trained to recognise interested visitors or users and they can provide you with high-quality leads. This way you don’t waste time on website visitors or users who ultimately don’t spend anything, and you can sell the right products (and maybe even additional products) to visitors and users who are interested.

Would you like to see an example of how we do this? We made a case study for one of our clients. Read how we generate leads for our client Kroftman.

Is your company struggling to generate leads? Contact us. We’re happy to help you!