Reputation management

When companies receive a lot of complaints, are discussed negatively online, and/or the consumer in general has a negative image of your company, it’s important to take immediate action. A bad image has a direct influence on the sales and (financial) success of your company. It’s important that all online messages are responded to and that this is done quickly and in the right way.

Social media plays an important role in reputation management. It has a major and direct influence on the image of a company and should absolutely be used properly to maintain and increase a positive image.

Preventing complaints and negative statements on the internet is at least as important as responding to them. Solving problems before the customer contacts customer service is a good example of this. Where necessary, you can even choose to proactively approach the customer to notify them of a problem. This creates trust and a closer relationship with your customers.

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Online monitoring

Responding appropriately to complaints and negative messages

Proactive approach

Converting negative into positive

A positive image


Digital Customer Care Company has all the tools required to make good analyses and provide you with useful insights.


Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know exactly what to pay attention to and how to interpret data. This results in clear conclusions and concrete advice.

A good image is not only good for direct sales, but it also provides free publicity. Studies have shown that customers are not just influenced by the image of a particular company, but also by recommendations from acquaintances and by user experiences that they see on social media.

By providing correct information and by dealing with online complaints and negative messages properly, you can maintain or improve the image of your company. Existing customers keep coming back, share their satisfaction online and you reap the rewards.

How does that work? Research has shown that an (unexpected) positive experience with a company causes customers to speak positively about that company to friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Even if there was a complaint at first. Satisfaction in your existing customers ensures a better online representation of your company and will lead to higher sales figures.

Digital Customer Care Company helps you retain existing customers and turn them into ambassadors for your company.

Reputation management is a good idea if:

  • you receive many complaints;
  • negative statements about your business start to appear online; and/or
  • your customers and target audience have a negative image of your company.