Outsourcing customer service via Facebook Messenger

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In 2014, Facebook disconnected the messaging service from its Facebook app, creating a new platform called Facebook Messenger. Every month, 1 billion messages are sent through messenger by some 900 million users. It’s not surprising that companies can reach a large part of their target group through this relatively new channel. Facebook Messenger is the second most popular chat app in the Netherlands, with over 4 million users. Still significantly less than WhatsApp, but the number of Messenger users is growing much faster than the number of WhatsApp users.

Why Facebook Messenger for Customer Service?

Send private messages

Companies are now able to send private messages to users who have left messages or comments on their Facebook page. In turn, users can send messages to companies directly from ads on their Facebook timeline. Companies can respond to this in Messenger.

The customer doesn’t have to go to the Facebook page of the brand to leave a message. With the new platform, they can simply search for a company and send a message immediately. This makes using Messenger for customer service attractive to consumers.

Communicate through your own app

With Facebook Messenger, it’s also possible to initiate conversations from other apps, for example, your company’s app. This is possible with a simple integration between the two systems.

New conversion possibilities

In addition to answering questions that come in via Messenger, retailers can use the communication platform to take orders, provide updates on shipments, process return requests, and receive feedback from customers. The possibilities are endless! New features are constantly being added to Messenger for Business and they make managing existing customers or acquiring new ones much easier.

As text-based conversations become more common, businesses and brands will be using Facebook Messenger to provide customer service the same way they did with the phone a long time ago.

Customer service response times

Facebook recently set a new standard for response times. Companies that respond to 90 percent of messages within five minutes are awarded a ‘Very Responsive To Messages’ badge on their page.

On top of this, customer service agents can simultaneously handle multiple customer inquiries, keeping customer service costs low, just like with live chat.

Reply to messages via Messenger

To provide effective social customer service through Facebook Messenger, you will need to purchase a social media management tool that supports Messenger. Also, you’ll need to have enough employees to answer the messages. Not only during the day but in the evening and on weekends as well.

Keep in mind, customers expect to receive fast, effective, and professional answers to their questions. If the answer takes too long, it will affect the image of your company. This often means that you should appoint an employee who specifically deals with Messenger questions. If this employee is overwhelmed by the flood of messages, it is time to hire additional people.

But there is an easier way. You can outsource your Messenger customer service to us.

Why Digital Customer Care Company?

Experts in social media customer service

We focus exclusively on online dialogues with your customers. We don’t do social media marketing and don’t create content.

Our passion

Our passion is helping customers. This is our core activity.

Excellent customer experience

We work with a professional, well-trained team that delivers an excellent customer experience.

Service Level Agreement

We have the toughest SLA in the industry. We guarantee an average response time of no more than 30 seconds via live chat and 15 minutes via social media customer service. If we don’t meet these standards, we’ll refund you!


We work with an international team and provide live chat in Dutch, English, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


We support many communication channels, including: email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

The best technology

The advanced technology we use allows us to quickly pick up and handle social media messages about your brand efficiently and to invite your website visitors to a conversation at the right time in their online customer journey.

Extended business hours

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!