Customer experience

Digital Customer Care Company looks at the crucial parts of your website and determines where the customer experience could be improved.

If you want to improve the customer experience for your company, Digital Customer Care Company is the right solution for you. We always ensure that our staff is properly trained and educated before we start working for a customer.

In addition to familiarizing our staff with your policy, we focus on product knowledge. Only with in-house product knowledge can we speak to your customers in the right way and give them a good contact experience.

Another important aspect of improving the customer experience is optimizing your website. A website that doesn’t function (properly) is often a major source of irritation for customers. It can cause them to leave your website prematurely and opt for a competitor’s website that works better.

Because of this, we look at the crucial parts of your website and determine where the customer experience (CX) could be improved. Does the contact page contain all the relevant information? Does it work, and can the customer navigate it properly? Do all the links work and is the product page complete? We walk through your website step by step. Where necessary we improve the functionality which will contribute to converting website visitors into serious leads and paying customers.

product knowledge

All our chat agents are well trained before they start working for you. We do this together with you so that we can be sure that they have the right product knowledge.

human touch

Because we use people instead of chatbots, you maintain in-depth and personal contact with your customers. That is something you will certainly notice in your customer’s satisfaction levels.


Our intensive training, extensive knowledge base, and years of experience ensure that our agents are able to resolve questions and problems of your customers with confidence and in a solution-oriented way.

website optimization

Our experts test and evaluate your website in detail. Their solution-oriented advice guarantees a user-friendly and well-functioning website.

How do we do this?

  • We reassure your customers when they have concerns.
  • We answer all their questions and solve their problems just as well as your own staff would.
  • We check your website, starting with the contact page.
  • If desired, we advise you on self-service options and how you can use this to make your customer service department even more efficient.

Ultimately, it’s all about how the customer feels about you when they leave your website. A satisfied customer is your best ambassador. That’s why we train our staff to turn negative thoughts into positive ones and we always give a human touch to digital customer contact. At Digital Customer Care Company we offer you a complete package with the aim of creating the perfect customer experience.