Outsourcing customer service via WhatsApp

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Reaching your target audience on the most relevant channels can be a struggle. Now, more than ever, people demand an immediate response, convenience, and good interaction from customer service. Two-way communication is often a challenge because it usually requires companies to invest time and money to interact effectively with the customer.

Fortunately, new social platforms such as WhatsApp can meet these modern customer requirements.

Why WhatsApp for Customer Service?

Communication via WhatsApp offers advantages that are very welcome in customer service. Below are just a few reasons why you should definitely include WhatsApp in your social media customer service.

WhatsApp has a wide reach

WhatsApp is used on mobile devices. It’s affordable, and most customers can be reached on their smartphones anytime and anywhere. This makes it the perfect channel to reach out to your customer. It makes sense that the number of users has increased rapidly in recent years. In the Netherlands, more than 10 million people use WhatsApp.

Direct messaging is faster, more personal, and not public

Younger customers as well as those less committed to social media will almost certainly prefer to send a message via WhatsApp (or Facebook messenger) instead of calling or sending an email. It’s much less time-consuming.

Also important: conversations on WhatsApp are personal and private. This means that customers can ask sensitive and personal questions without fear of their comments being posted on the internet. Bonus: negative comments and complaints about your business aren’t publicly visible either!

WhatsApp increases your advantage over competitors

In addition to responding to questions, complaints, or comments, you can use WhatsApp to directly and personally assist potential customers during purchase decisions. By doing this, you increase the likelihood that potential buyers will choose you over the competitor.

You can add videos, audio clips, and photos to your message to explain the functionality of your products. Moreover, the number of companies that use WhatsApp is still relatively low. By being one of the first to offer WhatsApp, you have an advantage over the competition.

The perfect addition to your social channels

WhatsApp is an important channel for your business, especially if you combine it with other social platforms you use. For example, you can start a campaign on other channels and follow up with just your most important customers via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a low-cost, personalized contact channel and an effective way to reach your customers worldwide. Integrating WhatsApp into your customer service strategy leads to more engaged customers. It can also meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market.

Reply to messages via WhatsApp

To provide effective social customer service through WhatsApp, you will need to purchase a social media management tool that supports WhatsApp. Also, you’ll need to have enough employees to answer the messages. Not only during the day but in the evening and on weekends as well.

Keep in mind, customers expect to receive fast, effective, and professional answers to their questions. If the answer takes too long, it will affect the image of your company. This often means that you should appoint an employee who specifically deals with WhatsApp questions. If this employee is overwhelmed by the flood of messages, it is time to hire additional people.

But there is an easier way. You can outsource your WhatsApp customer service to us.

Why Digital Customer Care Company?

Experts in social media customer service

We focus exclusively on online dialogues with your customers. We don’t do social media marketing and don’t create content.

Our passion

Our passion is helping customers. This is our core activity.

Excellent customer experience

We work with a professional, well-trained team that delivers an excellent customer experience.

Service Level Agreement

We have the toughest SLA in the industry. We guarantee an average response time of no more than 30 seconds via live chat and 15 minutes via social media customer service. If we don’t meet these standards, we’ll refund you!


We work with an international team and provide live chat in Dutch, English, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


We support many communication channels, including: email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

The best technology

The advanced technology we use allows us to quickly pick up and handle social media messages about your brand efficiently and to invite your website visitors to a conversation at the right time in their online customer journey.

Extended business hours

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!