Who are we?

Digital Customer Care Company is a Customer Experience company providing world class online customer service since 2006.

Digital Customer Care Company is a Customer Experience company providing world-class online customer service since 2006. We are a digital contact centre and operate completely online. Our passion is to help your customers online. We answer their questions, but we also generate leads and orders.

Our customers are companies and organizations that handle high volumes of digital customer contact. We handle this for them with a team of 50+ professional agents from our office in Amstelveen.

Market leader in digital customer contact

Digital Customer Care Company has gained a lot of experience in the world of digital customer contact since 2006. As one of the first digital contact centres in the Netherlands, Digital Customer Care Company is a true market leader and therefore the most reliable choice when it comes to digital customer contact.

We are happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained. We believe that you can only make the right choice when you are well-informed. We share our knowledge in three forms: information, implementation, and consultancy.

Informative articles on our blog

On our blog, you can find a lot of information about digital customer contact, including live chat and social media customer service. We’ll cover many diverse topics here, such as choosing an outsourcing company and setting up a social media customer service team, but we also explain how you can choose between self-service and live chat. We regularly publish new articles that inform and advise companies so that they can make the right choices regarding social media customer service.

Implementation and consultancy for digital customer contact

For those who want to implement digital customer contact but know nothing about it and/or have no experience with it, we offer both implementation and consultancy services. We help with aspects such as configuring the software and drawing up the business rules. We also help you select the right software and make it completely suitable for your website.

Our passion is helping customers online

Delivering an industry-leading Customer Experience means that we expect every employee in our Customer Experience Team to share our passion to help customers. It also means managing an ecosystem of tools and digital communication channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, live chat, and WhatsApp. This is how we deliver the best possible customer experience to our clients. Our tools are renowned systems and contact centre platforms for omnichannel interaction. Moreover, we work with international standards for Customer Experience, COPC®, supported by our own, unique customer experience in the market.

This creates many opportunities to improve and learn from each interaction. We do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Multilingual customer contact

Today, many companies are expanding internationally. To meet the increasing demand for customer care in languages ​​other than English, Digital Customer Care Company also offers services in Dutch, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. We currently offer full customer service in these languages.

Large and medium-sized customers

Large companies consciously opt for quality. And that’s precisely the reason that Digital Customer Care Company can count a number of major players among its customers. UNICEF, Makelaarsland, EP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen are just a few of the many companies that have already gone before you. Our quality comes from our experience and knowledge and we work hard to maintain this quality. The satisfaction of our customers proves that we deliver quality:

“Although HPE has been offering digital customer contact on its sites for 10 years, we knew the channel could be used even more effectively. I hired Digital Customer Care Company because of their expertise in digital customer contact and their rich experience with this channel. At the end of the consultancy process, the number of leads from chats had increased by 108% compared to the start of the project. This is a fantastic result! ”

– Peter Luijbregts

Senior Director Marketing Operations

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Quality guaranteed

As a digital contact centre, Digital Customer Care Company understands that delivering good work is extremely important. After all, the success of a company largely depends on customer contact. That’s why we guarantee the best quality. We do this in two ways: we only employ agents who are KSF-certified and we offer customers a Service Level Agreement.

KSF certification

Only professional customer care agents work at Digital Customer Care Company. This means that everyone who works for us is certified with the Klantenservice Federatie (Customer Service Federation – KSF). The KSF is the trade association for customer contact. Their certification is used by many companies. For example Vodafone, Ahold, ABN-AMRO, and Randstad. The KSF sector certificate guarantees (and continues to develop) the quality of customer contact, but also looks at the image as a whole and ensures that the right people are attracted and retained.

Service Level Agreement

In addition to the regular contract, customers of Digital Customer Care Company also have the option to conclude a Service Level Agreement. The SLA contains specific delivery agreements between two parties: Digital Customer Care Company and you, the customer. These agreements are binding and also contain a penalty clause. Our guarantee is the following:

  • minimum service availability: 99.9%
  • maximum response time for live chat: 30 seconds
  • maximum response time for social media customer service: 15 minutes
  • minimum end-customer satisfaction: 95%

Digital Customer Care Company

Digital Customer Care Company provides a complete solution for digital customer contact and takes a lot of work off our clients’ hands. Our partnerships vary in scope: sometimes we only handle the first-line contact, and sometimes we only handle the contact outside office hours. For other customers, we handle all digital customer contact: via live chat, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels, in multiple languages.

Anthony Carter is the director and owner of the company. His mission, and that of all Digital Customer Care Company employees, is to provide excellent online customer service and convert visitors into leads, requests, or orders.

The company also runs a service, called Outsourcechats.com, for US companies who are solely interested in outsourcing live chat and have high-traffic websites.