Cost reduction

For companies that receive a small number of contact requests via live chat or social media, it’s almost impossible to dedicate one or more of their own staff members to this. That is, if they want to do it right. Personnel has to be found and trained and someone should always be present to answer messages. A customer expects an answer immediately (live chat) or at least within a few hours (social media).

To always have someone on standby is financially unappealing. Most of the time, this person will have to wait for a request to come in. Especially when a company has just started with social media customer service. Costs add up quickly, something small businesses often can’t afford and larger businesses prefer to avoid.

That is why we’re happy to take that work off your hands. Our staff is always trained for different customers. We can easily anticipate your changing needs and adjust the deployment of agents accordingly. This way we never have more staff than we need and, even if we did, you wouldn’t be the one paying for it.

Advantages of outsourcing digital customer contact

  • Being able to respond quickly to increasing or decreasing workloads.
  • The customer always gets a quick response.
  • No need to find and train personnel.
  • No costs when there are no messages.
  • Your business hours don’t need to be adjusted.
  • All the work is taken off your hands.

Save money:

  • lower personnel costs.
  • lower office costs.
  • lower start-up costs.

If you run a small business, outsourcing is always the smartest choice financially. But it can also be interesting for larger companies to outsource digital customer contact. For example to save the costs of office space or personnel.

Digital customer contact is a department in itself and should be handled properly, just like other departments. This is the reason that many companies outsource their (financial) administration. Outsourcing your digital customer service to Digital Customer Care Company has the same benefits: it saves you time and headaches. At the same time, you know that your customer service is in good hands with a specialized company.