Digital Customer Care Company works for companies in a wide variety of industries. This diversity keeps the work interesting for us. It also ensures that we remain flexible and are not tied to one industry; we can just as easily work for new customers.

We work for companies that sell trailers, but also for recruitment agencies, IT companies, charities, and online pharmacists. You can see all our customers at the bottom of this page. Want to know how we work? View one of our case studies below.

Case studies

Kroftman Structures doubles requests for quotations by using Digital Customer Care Company

Kroftman Structures has about 60,000 visitors to its website every month. How can we turn these visitors into leads? The warehouse supplier implemented Digital Customer Care Company to answer questions from website visitors. The result? Sales leads more than doubled to 365 requests for quotes in August compared to 164 in the previous year.

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Nooteboom Trailers offers extra customer service with Digital Customer Care Company

Special transport is tailor-made. That’s why Nooteboom Trailers continuously invests in innovations – not only in the field of exceptional road transport, but also in terms of customer communication. With this in mind, the trailer producer decided to help its website visitors through Digital Customer Care Company’s Managed Live Chat. With this service, Nooteboom lays the foundation for a long-term relationship with customers which will result in more business.

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Enerpac takes customer service to the next level with Digital Customer Care Company

The suspension bridge at Millau in the south of France, the Vegas Wheel, and a Malaysian oil platform – all projects using hydraulic tools made by Enerpac. This global market leader in hydraulic tools wanted to convert as many of the approximately 150,000 visitors to its websites into customers. Digital Customer Care Company’s multilingual live chat functionality makes that possible: Enerpac has direct contact with its customers, and leads are entered one-by-one into the email marketing and CRM system.

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To Tuscany makes life easy for vacationers with Managed Live Chat

Booking a holiday villa should be easy. Want to know what’s available in a particular region, has a pool, five bedrooms, and is suitable for children? Digital Customer Care Company answers such questions directly via live chat. In the desired language, during and outside office hours. This way, customers of online travel agency To Tuscany know immediately when they’ve found their dream holiday.

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Culligan focuses on the customer with live chat from Digital Customer Care Company

“Website visitors today want to be able to ask their questions right away – without having to use another communication channel such as email, phone or social media,” said Kaitlin Jurt, Social Media Specialist at Culligan. Partly for this reason, this global supplier of water and water treatment solutions decided to outsource live chat to Digital Customer Care Company.

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European customers chat with Strider Bikes in six languages

Strider Bikes has already sold more than three million balance bikes for children worldwide and expects to cross the four-million mark by 2023. How can this US company continue to help its growing base of European website visitors in their own language and at the desired moment – in order to maintain its high service standards and increase online conversion? Digital Customer Care Company offers the solution with live chat in six languages.

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Unleashing Potential: How Bloom Organics Achieved Business Focus through Outsourced Customer Service

Bloom Organics, a Czech startup specializing in clean vegan luxury skincare products, successfully entered the German market in 2021. However, as their popularity grew, they faced challenges in managing the increasing volume of customer inquiries and expanding into new markets. To address these hurdles and streamline their customer support operations, Bloom Organics partnered with Digital Customer Care Company, leveraging our expertise in outsourced services. This case study highlights the challenges faced by Bloom Organics, the solutions implemented, and the benefits achieved through this collaborative partnership.

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