Customer service via Self-service

Digital Customer Care Company is a leading contact centre with customer service staff working for a variety of clients.

The latest development in customer service is to let customers serve themselves. Just like in restaurants, we call this ‘self-service’. It’s a fairly new development in customer service because the possibilities of modern media and channels of communication were discovered only recently.

We offer online knowledge base software under our label MyAnswers. This allows you to set up your own knowledge base. In the knowledge base, you can collect all kinds of information that could be useful to your customers when they are looking for solutions or answers. Things you could publish are: procedures, manuals, prices, product information, and so much more!

Why self-service for customer service?

Your customers are served without having to contact you

Self-service, for example via a knowledge base, offers customers a platform where they can do their own research. They can search the site themselves, eliminating the need for them to call you. When they really can’t find what they’re looking for, they can always contact your customer service. Make sure to use this as a learning moment and expand the knowledge base by adding the information the customer couldn’t find.

Self-service is available 24/7, without the need for additional staff

A knowledge base is a website that can be reached anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. It’s great because it allows the customer to find the answer they’re looking for at any time. That includes odd times, like the middle of the night. Of course, a self-service channel cannot address personal situations, but it can help most people. And extra staff is hardly necessary for this: having someone on standby at night is a nice extra service for the customer, but it is certainly not always necessary.

Your customers are served quickly

A well-organized knowledge base is faster than talking to a customer service representative: with the right search terms, the customer will find the right answer with a few clicks and within just a few seconds. A customer service representative has to hear the customer’s question first, do their own research, and then pass the correct answer to the customer. If your customers can search for themselves, they don’t have to wait while someone else does it for them, and they have the answer instantly. A nice side effect is that, because customers can quickly and easily find answers to their questions, customer satisfaction increases.

Your employees also have a complete reference book

A public knowledge base doesn’t just work as a self-service tool for your customers, your employees can use it too. The information it contains is complete and up-to-date, so your staff can be sure that it’s correct. Why would your staff look elsewhere for information and/or answer every question by heart?

Provide self-service customer service

Providing good self-service is only possible with the right platform. For example through a knowledge base. This must be set up before you can start using it. For this, you have to invest the necessary time and manpower, because of course, you want to get it right from the start. Once it’s up and running, a knowledge base is a valuable asset that saves you time and money.

A self-service platform such as a knowledge base offers modern customers exactly what they want: speed and a complete solution. We therefore always advise companies to start self-service as soon as possible. Start small with an FAQ page, or go all-in with a complete knowledge base. Use skilled people for this and make sure that all information is complete and correct.

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Why Digital Customer Care Company?

Experts in social media customer service

We focus exclusively on online dialogues with your customers. We don’t do social media marketing and don’t create content.

Our passion

Our passion is helping customers. This is our core activity.

Excellent customer experience

We work with a professional, well-trained team that delivers an excellent customer experience.

Service Level Agreement

We have the toughest SLA in the industry. We guarantee an average response time of no more than 30 seconds via live chat and 15 minutes via social media customer service. If we don’t meet these standards, we’ll refund you!


We work with an international team and provide live chat in Dutch, English, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


We support many communication channels, including: email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

The best technology

The advanced technology we use allows us to quickly pick up and handle social media messages about your brand efficiently and to invite your website visitors to a conversation at the right time in their online customer journey.

Extended business hours

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!