Outsourcing social media customer service

By choosing Digital Customer Care Company you can be confident that the buzz around your organization is constantly monitored and that messages are responded to quickly and professionally.

What is social media customer service?

Social media customer service is what we call online customer service. You probably already have people answering the phone who handle your customers’ questions and complaints every day. Digital Customer Care Company is happy to take the part of online customer service off your hands. We keep an eye on all social media channels and WhatsApp and respond immediately. It’s quite a tough and time-consuming job to do social media customer service well. Read more…

Why social media customer service?

An important characteristic of comments, complaints, or questions posted online is that they can be shared quickly and easily. This means that they can get a much wider reach significantly faster than a message posted in the physical world. Therefore, responding quickly to questions, comments, and complaints that are posted online is very important. If your social media customer service is well organized, it can have many advantages for both you and your customers. Read more…

Outsource social media customer service to Digital Customer Care Company

When you choose to outsource the social media customer service of your organization to Digital Customer Care Company, you can trust that the buzz around your organization is constantly monitored. Responding quickly and properly is part of our service.

We take care of your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, but we also handle WhatsApp and Messenger. We answer messages in a way that appeals to your target audience and that suits your brand. Before we take over your social media customer service, we first immerse ourselves in your company. What kind of brand do you have, what’s your corporate identity, who is your target audience and how should we approach them? We adapt our web strategy to these matters.

Our social media customer service team immediately takes action, even when we see people talking about you outside of your own pages. We monitor all signals relating to your organization on social media. Through personal contact with your customers, you show that you are a company that listens to its customers, thinks along, and empathizes. Read more about our methods.

Why Digital Customer Care Company?

Experts in social media customer service

We focus exclusively on online dialogues with your customers. We don’t do social media marketing and don’t create content.

Our passion

Our passion is helping customers. This is our core activity.

Excellent customer experience

We work with a professional, well-trained team that delivers an excellent customer experience.

Service Level Agreement

We have the toughest SLA in the industry. We guarantee an average response time of no more than 15 minutes. If we don’t meet these standards, we’ll refund you!


We work with an international team and provide live chat in Dutch, English, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


We support many communication channels, including: email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

The best technology

We exclusively work with advanced technology that enables us to efficiently pick up signals about your brand on social media incredibly fast.

Extended business hours

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!