Live chat training

Digital Customer Care Company offers training sessions in your company to train your operators, team leaders, and managers.

Do you want to use live chat as a communication channel? Our live chat training offers you the tools you’ll need to take serious and effective action.

Digital Customer Care Company offers training sessions in your company to train your operators, team leaders, and managers. We offer the following training courses:

  • Chat agent training
  • Chat agent refresher training
  • Train-the-trainer

Chat is the new way to communicate with customers online. But which way is better? WhatsApp, email, or a combination of the two? How do you keep a chat conversation short and effective?

And how does chat actually work? What can and can’t you do via chat? Can you use abbreviations and emoticons? And how do you reach your sales targets via live chat?

In two intensive, practice-oriented, and fun sessions, you will learn how to chat with prospects and customers in a professional manner: with the right tone and with a good result.

Why our training?

Our focus is to take work off your hands. We conduct hundreds of chats with the website visitors of our clients every day.

As experts, we know better than anyone what works and what doesn’t work in live chat. The entire training program has therefore been developed based on our own chat experience.

We discuss and practice:

  • the rules of live chat;
  • taking charge and controlling the conversation;
  • summarizing and asking questions;
  • customer-oriented writing;
  • fast and active writing;
  • modern business language;
  • showing empathy;
  • identifying and seizing opportunities.

Our training sessions teach your team:

  • the etiquette of live chat;
  • chat skills (develop from scratch or improve existing skills);
  • radiating professionalism;
  • communicating quickly and effectively via chat;
  • how to be alert to potential pitfalls and how to deal with blunders.

Want to find out more?

Would you like more information about our training courses, book a training session, or receive a quote? Contact us. We’re happy to help you.


The Digital Customer Care Company training was very helpful. The trainer Anthony was very skilled in transferring the knowledge to our customer service representatives. I definitely recommend this company!

Seher Ayazoglu – MEDIQ


The Digital Customer Care Company trainer has trained our teams around the world on live chat best practices. The result after this training was that the number of leads from chats had more than doubled. This is a great result!

Peter Luijbregts – Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Valuable training by Digital Customer Care Company. Thanks to Anthony’s training, our customer service representatives are ready to chat!

Chemelle Pengel – Leaseplan Bank