Getting more out of live chat

live chat

When making an online transaction, it can feel like you are toying with your hard-earned money. A live chat can help bring life to the transaction. People feel safer with their money when there is someone on the other end of the line they can interact with in real time. This sense of reassurance can only be given through a properly managed live chat. Here are some guidelines that will help you get more out of your live chat operation.

Make Conversation Transcripts available

Some customers may want to go over their conversation with you during a live chat session for various reasons. It could be to get useful information you supplied during the session or to make reference to certain promises you made or reassurance you gave them about a purchase they made. A good live chat practice would be to offer to send a copy of the conversation to them via email.

Canned Messages should be used wisely

There are certain prerecorded forms of greeting that live chat agents can use to ease their work. These messages must be used wisely so that the customer will not feel like they are chatting with a bot. the purpose of canned messages is to ensure a good first impression is created in the customers.

Be Proactive

Some customers may need live chat support but may have problem initiating one. When you observe that a visitor to your website might need some form of guidance, the best thing to do is offer to help them. It’s okay if they refuse the help. Offering to help alone shows you have good intention. Have the live chat pop up when customers get to pages where you want conversion increase to occur.

Pre-chat survey

This helps to make the best of a chat session. Asking customers to provide some preliminary information will help set the chat in the most productive direction. The survey form should not contain too many information as this may discourage the customer altogether. What you need is information that will help you know the best agent to attend to the customer.