Study: Live chat used more often than web care by large web shops

study live chat

In late September, we investigated the use of different communication channels by companies in the Twinkle Retail Top 100, a list of the hundred largest online retailers in the Netherlands that was published last week. We looked at the different possibilities for customers to contact the retailers via their websites: phone, e-mail/contact form, webcare (specifically Twitter and Facebook) and live chat. The study shows that 25% of these webshops are available for questions or complaints via live chat and 19% via webcare. Twitter is used 50% more often than Facebook. Not surprisingly, 99% are accessible by phone and 97% by e-mail or a contact form.

What stands out is that webcare is far from being used everywhere. Although every webshop from the Twinkle Top 100 has a Facebook or Twitter account, not every company actively responds to statements about that business. But in recent years, we have seen the use of webcare, but also live chat, take flight. I predict that in 5 years, every webshop from this list will offer the possibility of contacting them via live chat and webcare, just as contact via phone or e-mail is possible everywhere. Customers expect to be able to contact companies in multiple ways to ask their question or submit their complaints, because everyone has their own preferences when it comes to communication.

Three companies from the top 100 understand their customers well. T-Mobile, a telecom provider, BCC, a retail chain that sells consumer electronics, and Omoda, an online shoe store, are the only ones who use all four communication channels, as well as both Twitter and Facebook.

We intend to carry out a similar study next year.

You can request the full research report from us. A similar study of the response speed of the 50 largest webshops can be found here.