Lead generation: How do you keep the balance between quality and quantity?

We live in a time when lead generation is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. Nowadays the customer mainly has the say, and as a company you often feel in the dark when it comes to what the customer thinks and looks for. How do you ensure that you get lots of leads, which are also of high quality? How do you keep that balance between quality and quantity?

You receive income with leads. It is therefore logical that you want to have as many as possible and that they are all of good quality. A lack of leads means that your chances for income generation are significantly reduced, while many low-quality leads do the same and unnecessarily cost you a lot of time. A few good leads are not many, but they can yield a lot. So, how can you keep the quality and quantity of your leads in balance?

The balance between quality and quantity: a difficult issue

Everyone wants as many leads as possible, and these leads must also be of high quality. Because low-quality leads waste our valuable time and resources, and therefore money. There are generally three reasons for the fact that it is so difficult to keep the quality and quantity of your leads in balance.

Getting traffic to your website is becoming increasingly difficult

The generation of traffic to your website is becoming increasingly difficult in this digital world, where the customer is becoming smarter and increasingly in control. You will probably have to buy traffic, especially in the beginning, to attract people to your website and to get the ball rolling.

However, it is a case where everyone must do the same to stay in the running. So you will always have to keep paying for traffic, every day even. In the end, this is a worthwhile cost. If it brings in enough business, then it might be a good investment. Furthermore, you can do the following two things:

The customer is in control

One problem is that buyers decide to buy or not later in the purchasing process. They search longer for the right information. Only after they have completed about half of the process do they finally complete the purchase. In the meantime, you can not contact them as a website and you have to wait for your turn to speak with them. In other words, only until they contact you.

It is therefore important to create an opportunity for the customer to contact you in case they need help with something. Or for you to be able to contact the customer. This way you can ensure that you do not lose a customer, but gain a buyer, and, preferably, a returnee. In short: convert a low quality lead into one of high quality. The solution for this is (proactive) live chat.

By chatting with your visitors with a proactive attitude, you can find out why the customer has not yet made a decision. Maybe he or she is looking for certain information that they simply can not find on your website, or maybe a particular form does not work. By entering into a conversation with them, you can guide the visitor through the decision-making and purchasing process. Just like it would be if you were in a store. It may be that he or she eventually decides not to make a purchase, but if you treat the customer nicely and inform them correctly, they will remember this and come back to you in the future.

Your leads are of low quality

Finally, it must be said that it’s not very difficult to get a lot of leads, but these are often of low quality. You can do the following to avoid this: use forms on your website in the right way. You can use your forms to ensure that you can filter your visitors quickly and easily.

One way to do that is to slightly increase the number of fields in your form. It is true that many fields deter many people. Add a field, and the number of leads will decrease, so you want to filter out the people who are genuinely interested. In this case, fewer leads means that only higher-quality leads are left. At the same time, you can also learn more about your customers with these types of forms.

A personal bond in an impersonal world

We probably all agree that it is extremely important to build a good relationship with your target group and potential customers. And that can be very difficult in this digital world! You want a personal bond with your target group, when contact can be particularly impersonal. It seems difficult. But wait, there is a solution!

You must be thinking: “Now of course you’re going to say ‘live chat’ …” Well, you’re right. Because live chat is exactly that personal element on your static, cold website. But we’re not just talking about live chat, because we mean specifically proactive live chat! With a proactive attitude, you prevent your customers from leaving your website prematurely, you can build long-term relationships, filter all prospects easily, and extract the serious leads.

Invite your customers to chat

With live chat you can offer your customers a personal experience. Have they been on your website for a while, and can’t really find what they’re looking for? Then make sure that your visitors can see your chat button clearly, and can easily use it when they need it. There is nothing more frustrating than having to wander endlessly in a store because there is no one to help you. You would then probably just end up walking out empty-handed, right?

Take the initiative yourself

So make sure that your customers can reach you. Because, in this way, you haven’t lost any time yourself in lead generation, so there are no unnecessary and high costs. But if you really want to take your lead generation to another level, then set up a proactive live chat. With proactive live chat, you ensure that your customers don’t wander around too long. The longer they wander, the greater the chance that they will find satisfaction elsewhere.

With proactive live chat you can prevent that: by contacting your visitors before they leave. So you have the chance to talk to potential customers, maybe even before your competition has had the chance. So you can create a head start here. And taking the initiative yourself, that’s what the customer likes nowadays, because you save them the time and effort.

Now that you have contact with your visitors, you can convert them into customers by advising them quickly and properly. Now you have a potentially long-term relationship and a high-quality lead. And that is exactly what you want: a high quantity of high quality leads. You can continue building your business on that.

Plan of action

So what do you have to do now to get enough leads, as well as high-quality leads? First of all, make sure you have enough leads. You do this by inviting the customer to contact you, or you approach the customer proactively through live chat. Then you can filter these leads in a conversation, or through the use of forms.

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